Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How To Pick The Best ACT Study Course To Improve Your Test Score

Since your ACT test score can determine what schools you can get into and whether you can qualify for scholarships to pay tuition, picking the best ACT study course to help you get a high score is critical.

Will Your Student Complete the Course? Really?

The first rule in picking an ACT test study course is ensuring that it is something that your student will actually complete. The traditional courses that are offered at the school every Tuesday night from 6-8 PM for 8 weeks are not really well liked. As a matter of fact, my buddy jokes about how they would leave after one hour during the break and just go to McDonald's.

The last thing a student wants to do after sitting in class all day is come back and sit in class for two more hours after supper. This option is only viable for the most highly motivated students.

The same goes for expensive tutoring companies who will charge you upwards of $2000 and make your student keep coming back again and again in order to justify the high price tag.

Online Video Is The Answer

The best option for teens nowadays is to present the information in a way that they enjoy: online video. Online video courses have the following advantages:

Videos can be watched again and again, so you can study at your own pace
Videos can be watched anywhere where you have WiFi, so there is no transportation hassle
Videos are generally shorter and easier to digest as compared to hour-long lectures
Important Online Video Considerations

The course you select should be short and offer quick results so that you don't sink a lot of time and money into a losing proposition. A money-back guarantee is a must, and a proven track record is non-negotiable.

Find a course from an outfit that has a good online presence and offers free videos with test tips so that you can get a 'free sample.'

By the way, you can watch free 60 second ACT Test Tip Videos without having to give your name or email address by going HERE

Studying for the ACT anywhere, online with short video clips makes the ACT a breeze.